For set designs, the fonts and styles are already set, for custom designs, we can produce almost any design you could possibly want - letters, words and logos.

Our custom orders are split into 2 sides - text based designs using the font options and the fully custom logo/designs where you can choose unique options and we will quote directly. Please submit a quote form on our custom order page and we will accommodate your needs! Thanks

Product Details

See below for standard information about our signs…

Please note - Each sign (custom or pre-set design) comes standard with a remote control which can be used to dim the light and or make it brighter, switch it on and off from and program the light to flash/glow in multiple patterns - this is great as it allows you to control your sign and making it fit for each and every situation - party, chill or day time...


Each sign also has the option for backing to be trimmed in one of 2 ways - cut to shape or whole board:


You can purchase the wall hanging strips we recommend here (you will need 4 pairs per sign, so 2 packs per sign) -